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Reinventing the classics through technology, style and quality all Italian

foto 2 newsThe themes giving inspiration to this Aw 2012-13 collection are four: the classic styles’ elegance renewed by rich details and plain lines, various and practical city styles with a sporty look, the natural tones dyeing the most casual styles and the whole trekking and mountain world embellished by high-performance material and technologies.
Different material combinations, progressive technologies, stylistic preciousness are the new IGI&CO collection’s distinctive features. Classical styles as mocassins, climbing and lace-up shoes are re-interpreted and provided with technologies empowering their comfort.

Are just the technologies used, thanks to the deep know-how of the company, which make possible to produce shoes with great fit, lightness and elasticity: versatile accessories for all occasions. Moreover the collaboration with Gore-Tex allows the maximum breathability and waterproofing, offering high performance and total comfort.

For IGI&CO man the colours chosen are classical line black, mud, dark brown but also new and fashionable like blue, grey and leather brown. High attention to details characterizing all the lines: waxed cotton laces for the most technical styles, elastic shoestrings to emphasize the sneackers’s easy-fitting, and a particular inner-padding making the fitting even more comfortable and wide.

The lines are very different from each others and it is just thanks to this large proposal that IGI&CO is able to satisfy tastes and exigencies of a consumers’ range so various both for age and life-style.
The woman to whom IGI&CO collection gets inspiration is a dynamic, active woman who is able to match job, family, spare time. Boots are many, both low-boots and half-boots with or without eco-fur coat, smart or sporty cut, aggressive or classical look depending on the choice of the heel, sole, materials and details. Just about details, the rich and fine are the ones that give elegance and temper to the shoes which, even preferring comfort do not give up raiding into the world of fashion.

Big space is given also to definitely sporty lines which takes inspiration to the typical mountain shoes, offering aggressive and high-performance styles to younger female consumers.
Furthermore classical shoes, made modern by the preferred shapes and materials, could not miss.
A particular note to the IGI&CO lace-up shoes in patent, leather, suede, one and double colour: a glamour touch to an evergreen shoe.

For the female lines, the choice of the colours went in favour of the certain black and dark brown but also various grey nuances and natural colours like mud and leather brown.