IGI&CO is a brand of the Imac S.p.A Group.

A project dedicated to high-performance technical products, to stylistic reasearch and to the italian taste: footwear characterised by extreme lightness, flexibility and breathability guaranteed by carefully selected leathers and materials.

The IGI&CO men's and women's collections present a perfect balance between formal and sporty, contemporaneity and craftsmanship. Each shoe model never fail to offer stylistic-aesthetic contents resulting from accurate research and continuous innovation.

  1. 2002

    IGI&CO brand's launch

    IGI&CO is strongly oriented towards stylistic research, technological innovation and comfort, and presents itself to the public with a men's/women's collection characterized by light and flexible footwear, where the Italian quality is expressed by the attention to details and by the careful selection of materials and leathers. Each IGI&CO model is characterised by a perfect balance between formal and sporty, contemporaneity and craftsmanship.

  2. 2003

    Sporty Inside

    The extraordinary and unique features of this product are immediately highlighted by an unusual and original advertising campaign. Wearing IGI&CO means receiving an instant wellbeing while keeping one's own style.

  3. 2004

    Innovative with GORE-TEX

    IGI&CO starts a collaboration with GORE with the aim of manufacturing shoes suitable for all weather conditions. The IGI&CO lines with GORE-TEX membrane give added value to the men's and women's collections by offering high performances of waterproofness and breathability in every situation.

  4. 2010

    A shift in the communication strategy: "from product to style"

    IGI&CO emabraces a new communication strategy, more focused on the style than the product. The brand is finally acknowledged as one of the Italian love brands thanks to the setting and the attention to the everyday life. IGI&CO My Style.

  5. 2012

    Kick off of the franchising project

    The first IGI&CO store opens. A sober setting inspired by the colours of nature becomes the frame of the project and of the brand's philosophy itself.

  6. 2014

    Beyond estimates

    IGI&Co sells more than one million pairs in Italy.

  7. 2015

    Kick off of the IGI&CO project "shop in the shop"

    IGI&CO starts the project "shop in the shop" at the most important italian customers, to find a distinctive and defined space where to highlight its wide range of shoes and to welcome clients with great efficacy.

  8. 2019

    IGI&CO stores in Italy: the 100th opening

    Thanks to a strong development programme IGI&CO opens its 100th monobrand store in Italy.

  9. 2021

    Act today for a better tomorrow

    The IGI&CO GREEN project is born: the certified materials, natural or recycled, and the low environmental impacting manufacturing become the real protagonists. Operating in a sustainable ways is an irrevocable cultural process intended to become an increasingly integral part of the brand's DNA. Sustainability indeed means "act today for a better tomorrow".

  10. 2022

    We are who we are

    Following the strategic repositioning happened at the beginning of 2023, and to widen the story of the new brand essence, IGI&CO launches the new communication campaign "We are who we are". IGI&CO is regenerated and conveys the history of people who do not renounce the importance of feelings and emotions, a spontaneous and valuable lifestyle that is linked to the product and the brand they choose for themselves.

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