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With its vocation strongly oriented towards technological innovation, design research, comfort and well-being, IGI&CO focalizes itself on Total Look, with a strong program for the development of its mono brand shops.

IGI&CO dedicates its collections to dynamic men and women who follow fashion and lead an active and practical life. Every day the wide selection of shoes, matched with fashionable and well versed items of clothing, guarantees a “city” look suitable for the office and for free time, but also wearable in daily and more informal occasions.

All the IGI&CO products are “Made in Italy”, with design, passion and skill in selecting the finest materials and the great Italian manufacturing tradition. Italian fashion has always been synonymous of quality and style throughout the word IGI&CO is a great Italian brand.

The IGI&CO store atmosphere reflects the brand philosophy in order to exalt its characteristics and be in accordance with the mission: you will find a minimalist and plain layout with natural colours, high quality materials, functional and modern exposition, and special lights chosen to enhance the products’ visibility.


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