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IGI&CO GORETEX with SURROUND product technologies

The IGI&CO GORE-TEX shoes made with the new SURROUND™ technology are granting a climatic-comfort which is enfolding the foot at 360°.

Rain and water cannot pass through the micro-holes of the GORE-TEX-membrane, but the heat and sweat in excess are coming-out through the upper and through the special features of the outsole, having large holes on it. This makes the IGI&CO GORE-TEX shoes with SURROUND™ technology the perfect shoes to wear outside as well as inside when it rains and when sun shines.

IGI&CO GORE-TEX shoes having the SURROUND™ technology are breathable and waterproof for long time.

Igi&Co with GORE-TEX


IGI&CO footwear made with GORE-TEX provides a special combination of total breathability and waterproof performance, keeping feet dry and protected from both the cold and heat for an extraordinary feeling of well-being.

All of the benefits of the GORE-TEX lining,applied to the upper, along with the special construction techniques and rigorous quality standards, help to create a unique product that guarantees well-being in any climatic condition.