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Anatomic, leather covered removable insole. Soft with a shape that conforms to the sole of the foot. Anti-shock capsule on the heel in a bi-density material. Soft inner protective padding. Anatomic design accurately calibrated to respect the anatomic shape of the foot.

MEMORY FOAM inner sole

Where it is provided, the inner sole made of the special MEMORY FOAM material ensures an even more extended comfort to the foot, absorbing the micro impacts from walking, adapting to the plantar structure and massaging the foot every step.


Radial treads, with an exclusive design that guarantees modular flexibility. Injection assembly: upper and sole joined without the use of glues or other elements that could reduce the shoe’s flexibility. The midsole used in the flexion area is made with a highly elastic material.


The bottom of the shoe is made with a polyurethane material. The sole is formed in adherence with the upper itself, without the use of glues or other assembly materials. This ensures a sole that always adheres perfectly and that is light, flexible, long-lasting and highly resistant to blows. What’s more, polyurethane is an environmentally friendly biodegradable and recyclable material.


Soles made with a blend of select materials with a low specific weight. Special production techniques create micro air particles inside the sole to make it lighter.


The leather used for the uppers and linings of IGI&CO are first quality, carefully selected to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene.


All the IGI&CO shoes, where the kind of construction allows it, are foreseen with a soft, usefull and anthomic removable leather- insole which is granting the maximum of hygiene  and comfort.


Love and expertise on selecting the best materials, a big tradition in manufacturing and innovative design: since a long time Italian shoes are having the meaning of “quality” and “style” in the world.
IGI&CO is a big Italian brand.


IGI&CO footwear made with GORE-TEX provides a special combination of total breathability and waterproof performance, keeping feet dry and protected from both the cold and heat for an extraordinary feeling of well-being.
Logo GoretexAll of the benefits of the GORE-TEX, lining, along with the special construction techniques and rigorous quality standards, help to create a unique product that guarantees well-being in any climatic condition.

The IGI&CO/GORE-TEX line responds to the needs of a more sophisticated consumer and is the ideal solution for those looking for shoes that are suitable for a wide range of situations, for every life style and every use. Both in the office and while travelling, at home or on the weekend, IGI&CO shoes in Gore-tex deliver the maximum versatility of use in absolute comfort. This holds true for both Mediterranean countries with a milder climate and for the more rigid climates of Northern Europe and North America.