According to article 13 of the Italian Legislative Act nr. 196/2003 (Code for the protection of personal details, herein referred to as “The Code”), IMAC spa is giving the necessary information about cookies installed on the domains as well as the related subdomains – please look the whole site hereunder.

1. What are cookies?
Cookies are small format files sent to the browser of your device (PC, tablet or smartphone) once you enter a web site such as (the site).
Cookies are then memorized in your browser, so next time you visit the site, your browser is recognizing the cookies and send back the information to the web site or entity which has generated cookies first. Cookies can be installed by other web sites (so called third party cookies). To learn more on these technologies and on how they work, go and visit, for instance,

2. What cookies we use are and for what purposes?
On the domains – that is in the site – we just use cookies to offer you an easiest and quickest surfing within the Site, so to get your surfing practise improved. Moreover, cookies we use allow us to analyze surfing models from users visiting our Site in order to improve the way they use it.

- Surfing and feature cookies
Our site just use technical cookies to grant a safe and effective surfing and practice of the site contents and also to improve the services provided by the same site. These cookies are used to memorize the choices you make (language selection, country or other interface set-ups) as well as to provide with the customized and optimized features you choose, even by saving the given details while filling the forms on the sites in (the so called user input cookies), or rather to recognize you once you logged into the Site (so called authentication cookies).

- Analytical cookies/Google analytics
Our site uses Google Analytics, a web investigation service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”) to collect statistic figures on the site use by users (visitor number, visited pages, site visit time, etc…). This service, managed by Google, uses cookies to generate reports on the interactions of users with web sites. These cookies are then used to memorize information that cannot allow user’s personal identification. Please feel free to get information about by visiting Google Analytics Privacy Policy (personal detail protection) available on the following address:

- Other third party cookies / Social
Our site can allow interaction with social network of third parties or other outer platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), sending cookies to your Browser to provide with their services. Interactions and any information caught by these services are, by the way, subjected to the  user’s privacy set-ups performed in every social network. For further information on these cookies and on other type of use for the collected information by these outer platform, please consider the following suggestions or get into contact with  the related third party.


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3. How to oppose or change cookie set-ups?
You have different choices to manage cookies and to oppose their registrations on one of your devices. The cookie approval is not compulsory indeed.
However, the eventual cookie refusal or deactivation, even though it doesn’t prevent from surfing along the web site, could not allow the release of some contents and features of the same Site. It could not be recognized, for instance, the kind of browser your browser is using, or than not recognized the set-ups of the your language and display or even be hard for you to access areas from our site as they need authentication (log-in).

- Cookies deactivation and cancellations:
Any time it’s possible to deactivate and/or cancel cookies. To do it, it’s necessary to read carefully the information shown in your browser guide-line (Help Page).
In particular, if you are not willing receiving cookies, you could set your browser not to receive the cookie notice and so decide if you accept it or not; as an alternative you could make the decision to refuse all cookies automatically once activating the specific option on your browser. 
The procedure slightly differ depending on the kind of browser you use; for detailed instructions please click on the link related to your browser: 


Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome


If the browser you use is not a common one as proposed herewith, you should necessary check the function “Help” available on your browser.

To prevent any use of Google Analytics
Apart from selecting any appropriate set-up into the browser, it’s also possible to prevent any use of personal details from Google Anlytics and so to deactivate the corresponding cookies, downloading and istalling an additional part (plug-in) for your own browser activated from the following address:

4. Data communication and disclosure
The collected information by cookies are confidential and not disclosed to third parties.
Cookies (sent from the Site) contain the following information: a numerical ID absolutely identifying IMAC spa and a numerical ID absolutely identifying the user (who goes and surf on the site), both saved in our data-base; a numerical ID absolutely identifying the user surfing (so called “record”) within our data base: an alphanumerical ID on a pseudo-accidental base, automatically cancelled from browser once closed (session cookies).
The information collected by using cookies could be processed out by IMAC S.p.A. company employees and associates as people in charge and responsible for the data processing. This information could be processed by companies we trust in working for us on the base of technical and management tasks. These societies are directly cooperating with us and accomplish their role as external responsible subjects for data processing in accordance with article 29 of the Code.
Their list is constantly updated and available on demand by sending a communication to IMAC on the address shown in the successive point 6.
The information collected by using analytic cookies could be transferred out of the European Union but cannot be ceded or transferred to third parties.

5. Revision clause
IMAC spa may revise and/or change the present “Cookie Policy” at its complete discretion by any means and at any time without notice.

6. Data treatment owner and appointee
The data treatment owner is IMAC SPA with head-office in Montefiore dell’Aso (AP), Via Menocchia 27, 63010, which could be contacted also by writing to the following e-mail address: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
The data treatment appointee, as far as the Site management is concerned, (usually the consultant company in charge of managing it or you just show the appointee) is the person temporary responsible for the marketing office whose direct e-mail address is as follows: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..

7. The rights you are entitled to
Just sending a simple communication to IMAC, as for the e-mail address shown to the above clause 6, you will be entitled to execute your rights according to article 7 of the Privacy Code we are fully detailing below for your reference: 

Article 7 – Government Act nr. 196 / 2003
(Personal detail access rights and other rights)

1. The concerned people are entitled to get confirmation of their personal details, even though not processed yet, and to receive a clear communication.

2. The concerned people are entitled to obtain the following information:

  • personal detail source
  • treatment goals and procedures;
  • method applied in case the treatment is conducted by electronic means;
  • owner, responsible or representative personal details as per article 5, paragraph 2;
  • subjects or category subjects whom personal details can be communicated to or can learn about them as representatives, people in charge or appointees within the national territory.

3. The people concerned are entitled to obtain:

  • the update, the adjustment or, if applied, the exam of the personal details;
  • the cancellation, the change into anonymous or the stop of the treated details upon law infringement, included the ones whose records are not necessary according to the goals which they were collected or treated for;
  • a document stating the operations, as per points a) and b), were disclosed, even regarding their contents, to persons who knew or received the details, apart from the case where this fulfilment is meant to be impossible or asks for means to be obviously disproportionate in comparison with the protected right.

4. The concerned people can oppose, partially or fully:

  • their personal detail processing for legitimate purposes, even if complying with the collection goals;
  • their personal detail processing for the delivery of advertisement or direct sale materials or market surveys or any other business communication action.