Tobacco men's leather ankle boots

Model 202222608233001

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Men's lace-up ankle boots in suede lined with warm patterned fabric for a more informal look. These ankle boots are versatile shoes that adapt well to any daily activity and wrap around the foot without forcing it. The sole is extremely light and it will seem not to wear them at all. The anatomical insole is removable and covered in leather to ensure breathability and hygiene.

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upper material
lining material
insole material
removable insock
Autumn Winter
heel height

Care and maintenance icon_down

Use a wet cloth and some Marseilles soap. For stains, use a small metal-bristle brush or a piece of India rubber. Leave the shoes outside until they are completely dried, keeping them out of direct sunlight, which causes them to fade, and out of heaters and hair dryer, which could wrinkle them and make them lose flexibility. Avoid washing them in the washing machine, because the water risks to remove the glue between the shoes components and to deform them

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