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Leather shoes

Remove dirt and mud daily with a brush. Apply a neutral or coloured polish periodically.

Patent leather shoes

No need to apply polish. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust and restore the shoe’s original shine.

Suede shoes

Easier to care for than you think. Clean with a cloth soaked in water and a mild soap. Stains can be removed using a thin sheet of sand paper, a metal brush or a rubber eraser.

Canvas shoes

Best to avoid the washing machine. Shoes should never be completely immersed in water since the glue between the sole and the upper may be removed over time. Also recommended to wipe with a cloth dampened with water and a mild soap.

How do you dry shoes that have just been washed or those that are soaked with rain or sweat?

First of all, never place them next to direct heat (hairdryer or radiator) since they may shrivel up and lose their flexibility. Simply allow them to thoroughly air dry while avoiding direct sunlight that could cause fading. It’s also wise to fill the shoes with newspaper to absorb humidity and help the shoe maintain its shape.