Selecting the size of your child’s shoes is very important!

Shoes that are too small hinder the rapid growth of your child’s foot, while ones that are too big do not provide proper support and can lead to bad posture and improper movements: inside it your child’s foot may move forward not resting properly on the heel causing him to trip.

With the Primigi foot measuring tool you can always have a handy device with you to quickly check shoe size.

It is very simple:

- Print this PDF on an A4 sheet, in 100% scale without fitting.

- Place the child's foot standing, resting the heel, along the dotted line.

- Draw a line at the big toe.

- The size above the line is the size of your baby's foot.

- The measurement should be carried out on both feet.

- When choosing the shoes it is advisable that there is at least 1/1.5 cm of space between the tip of the foot and the tip of the shoe.


That’s all there is to it! 

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